What is going on? My name is Stephen or better known as Wolv21 aka The Pack Leader aka Shirtless Wonder (well not on Twitch anymore) aka Check If You’re Pregnant aka Coffee Drinker aka Bald and Badass.

If you reached this page you are probably looking for more info about me 🙂 and I Thank You for that. Right now I am trying to do more “Daily” vlogs or WLogs on my YouTube Channel. That will also bring a bit more insight to my life.

  • Wolv21
    • Wolv for Wolverine (fav X-men character and all around badass)
    • 21 for my birthday December 21st.
  • Started YouTube in October 2010
  • Started Twitch/Justintv on December 18th 2010
  • Born and raised in New Jersey.
  • Birthday is December 21st (hence the 21 in my name).
  • Background in IT (Information Technology) for 10 years.
  • Played Saxophone for 8 years also a little Piano, Trumpet and some Guitar.
  • Passions include Music (listening to and writing), Photography, Video Editing, Entertaining, Making People Happy.
  • I have 8 Tattoos

All of Wolv21's Tattoos

  • I am direct in what I say
  • I am stubborn
  • I want you to have fun 🙂


But Wolv, how did you get into YouTube videos / Livestreaming?

Good question. I have always watched YouTube for quite some time and have always loved the entertainment that those content creators gave. My starting ones were MysteryGuitarMan and Seananners. I have always wanted to do some type of video editing / content creating even if it was for music or like one off shorts/skits.

How did you get into Minecraft?

Specifically, Seananners. His first videos is what made me get Minecraft in the first place. I wasn’t really thrown off by the graphics. It was the adventure that really drew me in.

How long do you record videos / livestream for?

Livestreaming is about 40 to 60 hours per week (in recent stats).
YouTube videos i’m not too sure (cries).

How did you start gaming?

I was placed in front of an Atari 2600 (insert cute photo here) and that was it.


What game types do you like?

Adventure, FPS, RTS, Puzzle, Arcade, (insert awesome title here)

The Games?

Legend of Zelda, Minecraft, Isaac, Doom, Unreal Tournament, Mario Brothers, Warcraft II/Starcraft