Here is the master list for Minecraft Hardcore Season 6.
All the mods that are used with version numbers. Also notes that I have come across.

World downloads will come over time on this page.

Program used - MultiMC

Minecraft Forge (install using MultiMC)


Optifine 1.4.6 HD U D5

GLSL Shaders 1.44 Minecraft 1.4.6-1.4.7



GUIApi 0.15.2



ReiMinimap 3.2_06

Backpacks v1.7.8

Mo Creatures v4.5.1

CustomSpawner 1.11

Ender Storage

(removed) ChickenChunks

ExtraBiomesXL v3.10.0

Inventory Tweaks v1.50

Mystcraft v0.10.0.00

Soul Shards 1.26

Thaumcraft 3.0.3

BiblioCraft 1.1.2

Twilight Forest

Factorization 0.7.21

RedPower2 2.0 Prerelease 6

Portal Gun 1.4.7v5 + Soundpack

ComputerCraft 1.5

ID Conflicts
There are ID Conflicts between Factorization and Redpower
Here is a link to a configured redpower.cfg
Location: minecraft\config\redpower
(backup your old one first)

*If Minecraft Freezes when using a Portal Gun*
Special Note with Portal Gun Sounds
-MultiMC - Right Click Launch Icon - View Folder
-Double Click minecraft
-Double Click resources
-Double Click portalgun
-Open the
-Go into the portalgun > resources folder
-Copy the 3 folders (sound, streaming, version) to the minecraft\resources\portalgun folder


Chocapic13's shaders

Sonic Ether's Unbelievable Shaders v10 RC7

Sildur's Shaders (PC/Mac/Intel)

Naelego's Cel Shaders


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