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The follow information is about Wolv21's Minecraft Hardcore Season 10, Vanilla & Modded.

VANILLA - (Still Active)
Ultra Hardcore Vanilla - Amplified - No Natural Health Regen
Minecraft Version 1.7.5
Texture Pack - Minecraft Enhanced (256x)
Objective - Collect one of every collectible item in Minecraft

How-To Set No Natural Health Regen (if you create a new world)
Open to LAN (press esc and click button) and Allow Cheats to ON. 
Click Start LAN World. Press T then type ‘/gamerule naturalRegeneration false’ then Enter. 
Save and Quit to Title and relaunch the World. Done!

LATEST - Updated 07-19-2014 (Before the Dragon Fight)
Wolv21 Season 10 Ultra Hardcore Vanilla 05.27.2014
World was changed from Hardcore to Survival (note health regen is still off) 
Wolv21 Season 10 Ultra Hardcore Vanilla 05.09.2014 - Alive 125+ Hours, All Streamed

MODDED - (Retired as of 05.08.2014)
Madpack v1.2.5

The Madpack is available on the AT Launcher

Wolv21 Season 10 Modded Minecraft - Madpack 05.09.2014 - Alive 900+ Minecraft Days


The World Downloads go in your Saves folder in the respective Instances.