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Minecraft Hardcore Season 9 is FTB UHS2 - Ultra Hard Survival.
No natural health regen.

The first release candidate is available here: bit.ly/UHS2-RC1-Client
Install instructions: pastebin.com/0bEDi2Vn - but use the RC1 download instead.
The mod list is here: bit.ly/UHSModList

World Download 11-04-2013 - HERE
All Objectives Complete! 708MB
Note: You have to enable Grimoire of Gaia 2 Mod

**FTB Ultra Hard Survival Beta 2.0 for Minecraft 1.5.2**  

Default Texture Pack  
GLSL Shaders When Used (Chocapic13 v3 Ultra)  
No natural health regen  

World Downloads  

As of 08.28.13 - [Download](http://bit.ly/WolvUHS082813After) (218mb)  
Before the Dragon fight - [Dowload](http://bit.ly/WolvUHS082813Before) (196mb)    

Must be running UHS Beta 2.0.  
Unzip the download to your  
MultiMC\instances\<UHS 2.0 folder>\minecraft folder  

Included in the zip is the world save and waypoints.  

Information & Download for UHS Beta 2.0 is [HERE](http://bit.ly/ViewUHS2PR1)