Wolv21 Group on Steam

Welcome to the Twitch Subscriber Page!

First off i'd like to Thank each and everyone one of you for your amazing support.
One way i'd like to give back is by having a Twitch Subscriber Minecraft Server.

If you are not a Twitch Subscriber and want to help the Cast you can subscribe here.

Here is the information about the current Minecraft Server.
Minecraft Version: 1.7.4 (as of 12/13/13)

How to download snapshots for Minecraft.
Link to get the Launcher
Download and Run.
Steps to Create a Profile for 1.7.4
On the Minecraft Launcher click on New Profile (bottom left)
Profile Editor:
Profile Name - Enter something to remind you of the 1.7.4
Version Selection:
Check Enable experimental development versions (“snapshots”)
Use version - Click the Drop down and choose 1.7.4
Click Save Profile

his checks if you are a Subscriber to Wolv21 on Twitch automatically. After you enter your information every 10 minutes the whitelist is automatically reloaded so please be patient. :)

1. Be Nice
2. Have Fun
3. No stealing/breaking stuff. Help each other out :)
4. If someone wants to be left alone please let them be.
5. uhm Hi :)
6. Zero Tolerance - You are a Subscriber, you should know better ;)
7. The moment you unsubscribe you will be removed from the Whitelist.
8. If you are removed from the Server be patience, things are being researched. 

Feel free to hit me up on Twitter @21wolv for anything.

Q. When will be server be updated?
A. When it does :)

Q. Can I have the IP Address?
A. Are you an Active Subscriber on my Twitch Channel? Sure :) Just send me a message on Twitch

Q. Can I stream from the Sub Server?
A. Of course you can! Just tell them it's Wolv21's Twitch Subscriber Server. Link would be nice too ;)